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Kor Whitening

Whether you are preparing for a dream wedding, a job interview or you simply want to improve your overall appearance, whitening your teeth is always a good idea. Your smile, after all, is one of your most important features.

Our practice offers several options for people who want to improve their smile by making their teeth sparkling white. We offer the KoR Whitening System which comes with a proprietary Dual-Activated Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation and delivery system to give you sparkling white teeth fast.

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KöR Seal Whitening Trays
Many dentists offering professional teeth whitening to their patients have found out that some whitening gels work better than others, while others do not work at all. But with the KoR Whitening System, this is never a problem.

KöR Seal Whitening Trays

Impressive Whitening Results Without Lasers or Lights
You’ve probably heard so much about how crucial lights and lasers are in the process of teeth whitening. But with the KöR Dual-Activated Tri- Barrel™ Hydremide® Peroxide system, you won’t need lasers or lights to get phenomenal results.

Check out the Before and After pictures of patients who have tried the KöR Whitening System.

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Kor Whitening