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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Barsky’s dental practice is centrally located in the Valley Stream, Franklin Square community. The following bio outlines his extensive training and dedication to providing each patient the care and attention they deserve:

Dr-BarskySince graduating from the New York University College of Dentistry in 1986, I have been actively engaged in the development of the elite, cosmetically oriented dental office on Long Island, and a truly patient-centered dental practice. Every dentist has been trained in providing dental services such as crowns, bridges, dentures, porcelain veneers, root canals, implants and a host of other dental procedures. That is what dentists do. What sets different dentists apart is the innate and trained ability to provide excellent care and how that care is delivered.

I am very proud of the fact that I had graduated at the top 3% of my graduating class, completed post-doctoral level training in gum disease diagnosis and treatment, both surgically and non-surgically, as a part of an honors program while still an undergraduate dental student at NYU, and was one of only six out of over 500 dental student applicants chosen to complete an elite post-doctoral graduate hospital residency program at North Shore University Hospital / LIJ Hospital in 1987, where I became an attending dentist and had continued to teach dental students and doctors for the subsequent 15 years. I had completed a 12 months advanced MaxiCourse study in the placement and restoration of dental implants at the NYU/ Cornell University in 1996 and frequently attend numerous post doctoral continuing education study courses in all aspects of dentistry to deliver the most up-to-date dental care using the latest techniques and technology available. I am a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and always abide by the principles set forth by this organization to deliver the best care possible to my patients.

But, what I am truly proud of most of all is the fact that I was able to achieve not only the highest levels of clinical expertise, but hearing countless patients tell me that they are actually HAPPY to see me , are very pleased with the services theyʼve received and will gladly refer their friends and relatives to me for dental care. There is no better compliment to me than that. The same statements are reiterated to the office staff, and that is what makes us so very different!

On a personal note, I have been happily married to my wife, Ella, for over 27 years and have been a Long Island resident for the past 20 years. I have three beautiful children, Sharon – working as a speech pathologist for the Board of Education, Michelle – a graduate student in Psychology working towards a PHD degree and Brandon, a middle school student.

I am proud my dental practice is a part of the Valley Stream, Franklin Square community and look forward to meeting you and your family.